Ways to Incorporate Mosaic and Accent Tiles into Your Home

There are many ways to add unique style and decorations to your home. While you may be thinking of painting, artwork, and other pieces that can be removed, there is a more permanent form of decorations that can really make the rooms in your home pop.

We are a flooring store, so you may be waiting for us to talk about adding colorful carpet, unique tiles, or some other flooring option to your home to add style, but we have another idea. Even though Paul Evans Carpet & Flooring is a flooring company, we can provide you with beautiful and unique mosaic and accent tiling options to add to your home.

Accent and mosaic tiling can add a unique touch to your home and give your space a pop of color and style. There are many different ways to include accent tiling to your home. If you are looking for ways to add accent or mosaic tiling, read this blog! We will give you unique tips, ways to use these fun tiles, and help you get inspired to start on your next project.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is the first place people think about when they picture mosaic tiling. You can make your bathroom a lot more visually appealing with these tiles. There is more than one way to use accent and mosaic tiles in your bathroom. Let’s take a look at some of these styles!

The Floor

Covering your entire bathroom floor with mosaic tiles is not something you may have ever thought about doing, but you should now consider this style possibility. This is a subtly beautiful way to add mosaic tiles and a splash of color to your bathroom. Imagine a colorful and unique tile like this one laid out on your floor. It will add style, color, and a unique look. This tile paired with white or a lighter colored wall would be simple, yet stunning.

The Shower

Having the walls and floor of your shower covered in mosaic tiles is a more obvious choice. This can give your shower a different look and feel. This can help your shower stand out from the rest of your bathroom and add a stylish touch. Make it simple with neutrally colored tiles or use fun, blue colored tiles to give it more color and make it eye-catching.

The Bathtub

We are not saying to cover your actual bathtub in mosaic tiles, although that would be a stylish choice! We are saying to cover the surrounding areas of your bathtub with mosaic tiles. Adding tiling around your tub, down the side of your tub, and on the walls around your tub can create a unique space that is beautiful and colorful.

The Wall

Create an accent wall in your bathroom using mosaic tiles. The wall behind the sink and counter is a great choice for the accent, but any wall will do. An accent wall made of small, colorful tiles will really pop in a bathroom and make the room more aesthetically pleasing.

The Kitchen

Another common location to include mosaic and accent tiling is the kitchen. We will give you a few ideas on how to incorporate these tile types into your kitchen.

The Walls

Subway tiles are a fun addition to any kitchen. To make your kitchen more unique and stand out, add crown molding around the kitchen and then add subway tiles on the entire wall. The crown molding will give the tiles an endpoint and make the transition easier on the eyes. Make the entire kitchen white and add accent colors throughout.

The Oven

The wall behind the oven is a great place to add mosaic tile or accent tiles of some kind. The oven usually acts as a break in the backsplash around your kitchen, adding an entire wall of tile behind the oven and up to the ceiling, if possible, will add a beautiful style. This tile will highlight your oven and range hood nicely and make it stand out in your kitchen.

The Backsplash

This is an obvious choice when deciding where to put your favorite accent tile, but the right backsplash can make your entire kitchen pop. In many kitchens, you probably notice tan colored, square tiles — nothing fancy or flashy. But by adding something colorful or shaped in unique ways, you can give your kitchen a look that is completely different and beautiful.

More Ideas

While the kitchen and the bathroom and the main areas where you will have mosaic tile, there are other options that will keep your home unique and add a decorative touch. For different and exciting ways to use mosaic tiling, read on!

The Outdoors

If you are someone who loves spending time outside on your patio, grilling with friends, gardening, and just enjoying some fresh air, you probably have an outdoor space that is beautiful and detailed. If you are about to lay new concrete for your patio or extend your patio out more, adding an intricate design with mosaic tiles can give your outdoor sanctuary a beautiful touch. You can even make mosaic tile stepping stones to place throughout your lawn, adding color, art, and style to the outside of your home. You can find an endless list of ideas from Woo Home! Start planning your outdoor mosaic and shop our collection of mosaic tiles now!

The Art

Artwork throughout your home has a touch of your personal style. If you have a creative side and want to add mosaic tiles to your home, creating a piece of framed art with mosaic tiles that you can hang on your wall is a great way to add this beautiful style to your home, stay in touch with your personal style, and show of your own artwork. Why just be like everyone else and hang store bought artwork on the wall? Make your own and make it with mosaic tiles.

The Table

Whether you have a coffee table, side tables, or a kitchen table that could use a little extra flair, mosaic tiles are a unique and beautiful choice. Decorate your table with mosaic tiles for an attention-grabbing piece of furniture. People are so used to plain and boring tables, add something fun to yours by giving it a mosaic touch!

Mosaic and accent tiles are great choices when you want to add a unique touch to your home. Whether you choose to decorate the bathroom, kitchen, exterior, or furniture with these fun and colorful tiles, you will be amazed at home much beauty they can add! Start looking through our mosaic and accent tile choices and stop by the Paul Evans Carpet & Flooring store to see our in-stock options for yourself! Contact us with any questions you may have.

Tips to Help Your Carpet Last Longer

There is a lot to love about carpet. The soft and plush flooring choice can make your home feel cozier and welcoming. It is a great flooring choice for many rooms in the house and great for kids, allowing them to play on the floor without being uncomfortable. Waking up in the morning and stepping onto nice, soft carpet is better than stepping out of bed onto cold tile or wood floors. But one thing we don’t like about carpet is how easily it can begin to look old and dingy.

When you invest in beautiful and soft carpet, you want it to last for years. You want your flooring choice to stay soft, keep its color, and to avoid stains. But carpet can be challenging to keep looking nice, especially with kids and pets, and other messy family members.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to keep your carpet looking better for longer. In this blog, we will give you tips to caring for your new carpet!

Pick Wisely

First, you must pick a good carpet. Picking a low quality carpet may cause it to look worse quicker. When you choose carpet from Paul Evans Carpet & Flooring, you know you will be getting the best quality carpet. With a huge selection of in-stock carpet options, you can get a better idea of the carpet you are adding to your home. Investing in a higher quality carpet may cost more, but in the long run it’ll pay off.

Another good idea when choosing a carpet is to pick a color that may hide stains better. A light colored carpet will show even the smallest stain and look dirtier sooner. A dark color carpet not only is unique and stylish, but it also will help keep you carpet looking clean and stain free.

The pad you choose is also important. Don’t just choose the thickest pad, choose a pad with the highest density. A high-quality pad will have a density rating of six pounds or higher. In high traffic areas, a density of eight pounds or higher can allow it to last longer.

If you need help finding the best quality carpet and pad, come in to Paul Evans Carpet & Flooring, our flooring experts can help you find the right carpet for your home.

Vacuum Regularly

The more you vacuum the longer your carpet will last. At the least, vacuum high traffic areas twice a week and the rest of your carpet weekly. For the best results, you want to make sure of a few things. First, make sure your vacuum is ready to do the best job possible. The brushes should be cleaned of hair and lint and should not be worn out. Replace the vacuum bag when the bag is three-quarters of the way full. If you have a bagless vacuum, change the filter every few months. This will help your vacuum have better suction and clean your carpets better. Be sure to go over your carpet slowly a few times, go over high-traffic areas more to help keep them looking nice.

No Shoe Policy

Once way to help keep your carpet nice and clean is to enforce a “no shoe” policy. Don’t allow shoes in your home or on your carpet. This will help to keep dirt and other grime your shoes pick up from outside off of your carpet. Leave a shoe mat or basket by your front door with a sign that asks guests to remove their shoes, this will help ensure people take their shoes off without you having to ask them to do so after they have walked over your carpet.

Professional Cleaning

Cleaning your carpets with the hot-water extraction method is one of the best ways to remove soil and spots from your carpet. While you can do this yourself by renting a steam cleaner, if you want your carpet to get the best possible clean, hire a professional. While this is a great way to clean your carpets, if it was done wrong it can ruin your carpets, which is why you want to hire a professional. Make sure that the carpet cleaning company you choose is certified. If you feel confident in cleaning your carpets on your own, do so once or twice a year. It is also a good idea to hire a professional cleaning once a year, along with cleaning them yourself. This will lengthen the life of your carpet.

Cleaning your carpets with a rented cleaner should be done before your carpet gets super dirty. This will make it more difficult to get your carpet as clean as possible. Be sure to spot clean before as well, it should help you get stains out better.

Spot Clean Fast

Accidents happen. Whether your new puppy seems to be struggling with his house training lessons or your wine glass decides to splash some red wine onto your carpet, the best way to avoid a terrible stain is to act fast! Spot cleaning stains once they happen gives you a better chance of removing the entire stain. To learn more about stain removal and how to remove different types of stains, check out our previous blog!

Rotate Furniture

If you have a room that allows for furniture rotation, this is a good way to keep your carpet from wearing out in certain areas. Plus, it is a fun and refreshing way to change up the look of your home. Moving the furniture in your home can change the pathways people take, moving the foot traffic from one area of the carpet to another, allowing for certain spots to avoid early wear and tear. Some rooms won’t allow this, so be sure to vacuum the high-traffic areas often to reduce the amount of wear.

Invest in Doormats

Doormats are a great way to keep more dirt outside. You dog can bring in mud and dirt from outside and track it through your home and onto your carpet. Leaving doormats by the doors can help to remove more of this dirt before it makes its way to your carpet. Doormats can also help if some of your guests don’t read the “no shoe” sign. Adding doormats both in and outside of your home is a great way to reduce the amount of dirt your carpet comes in contact with, allowing it to stay clean and nice longer.

There are many ways to keep your carpet looking clean and new for a longer period of time. Don’t give up on carpet because of how easily it can look old and be worn out. Instead, take care of your carpet with these steps. They can help keep your carpet looking clean and nice for years to come. Having carpet in your home is great and with proper care and maintenance, you will be able to enjoy it for a longer period of time.

At Paul Evans Carpet & Flooring, we can help your find the highest quality carpet and pad for your home. Our in-stock choice allow you to see more than just a small sample, while can help make the decision easier! Start shopping through our carpet choices and contact us today with any questions you may have.

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The Benefits of Tile Flooring

When you are choosing a new flooring type for you home, the first few flooring styles you may think of are probably hardwood and carpet. These are two very common flooring options and both have their benefits. But one flooring type that may not get as much attention as the other popular choices is tile.

Most people have tile somewhere in their home, whether it is the backsplash in their kitchen or on the walls of their shower. With so many different styles, colors, and types of tile, this flooring type can create many different looks in your home.Tile is so much more than just the beige tiles that you find almost everywhere, there are colored tiles, tile that looks like hardwood, and so much more! Shop through our collection of ceramic and porcelain tiles, as well as our accents and mosaics that can add even more style to your home. At Paul Evans Carpet & Flooring, we offer many different flooring styles and types, allowing you to find the look that is perfect for your Texas home. We have a ton of our flooring options in-stock, allowing for you to pick it out and have us install it quickly and easily, with no wait necessary!

There are many benefits to tile floorings, some of which may persuade you to swap out your old flooring for some new and stylish tile! In this blog, we are going to take a look at some of the benefits of tile and why this flooring type may be perfect for your home. Read on to learn more about tile and how it could add to your home.

Extremely Durable

Tile is a hard flooring type and is extremely durable. It does not show a lot of wear and tear and can go years without showing any signs of aging. It is hard to say the same about carpet and even hardwood flooring. Due to its durability, this flooring type is great for those with dogs, children, and a lot of foot traffic. It is a great flooring choice in the kitchen because if heavy pots and pans are dropped on it, it won’t show dents or scratches. If a tile does crack or chip, the individual tile can be replaced, making repairs simple and allowing your floors to look as good as new in no time! Other flooring types need to be completely replaced if they become damaged.

Easy to Clean

Tile is easy to clean and keep looking nice. Simply sweeping and mopping can help it look brand new. Other flooring types, like carpet, can be miserable to try and keep clean, especially with pets and kids. Tile is also very water resistant and won’t become damaged when water sits on it for too long. Although hardwood floors are aesthetically pleasing and add a certain warmth to your home, water is their enemy and could ruin your beautiful hardwood floors. That is why tile is the better option for areas that see a lot of water, like mud rooms, bathrooms, and maybe even kitchens.

Variety of Styles

One of the best things about tile is that there is such a large variety of styles. You can find tiles is virtually every color, size, and even shape. At Paul Evans Carpet & Flooring, we even offer tile that looks like hardwood! Meaning that you can enjoy all of the benefits of tile but with the gorgeous look of hardwood!

You can find basic beige tile that is simple and calming. Or you can find a flashy tile that adds a pop of color to your home. Each tile style is unique and offers a different look. If you want something simple, there are tiles that are on solid color, sleek, stylish, and perfect for modern homes. If you are looking for something that has more design, there are tiles with natural looks, unique patterns, and even that come in different sizes.

There are endless style options when it comes to tile, allowing you to create the look you want for your home. You can complete your homes look with tile, whether you are going for a modern and sleek look or a rustic and natural style. You can even add to the style of your tile with our accent tiles and mosaics, adding colorful and fun backsplashes to your kitchen and bathrooms.

With such a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs for tile, it is easy to find something that works with the look of your home. You won’t have trouble finding a tile that works with your home, but you will have trouble choosing your favorite!

Environmentally Friendly

Ceramic and porcelain tile are extremely environmentally friendly. If you are transforming your home to make it more “green” this could be the best flooring choice for you. One thing that makes tile environmentally friendly is that it is long lasting and can last a lifetime, especially if properly cared for. Most of the tile factories up and running today are what is known as “closed loop.” This means that they reuse all of the water and material needed to make tiles, minimizing their amount of scraps and waste.


While it may seem strange that tiles can create a healthier home, let us just give you the facts. Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are responsible for a variety of healthy problems. These compounds are released into the air can be linked to “sick building syndrome.” Tile, unlike most other flooring types, contains zero VOCs, since that are fired in a kiln at high temperatures. There are other flooring types that can contain low amount of VOCs, but none of them can contain zero, like tile. Tile is also a great flooring choice if you are looking for something hypoallergenic. Dust mites, mold, bacteria, and germs cannot thrive on tile, which is why it is great for homes where a person with asthma lives. Plus, like other flooring types besides carpet, tile allows for less dog hair, dust, and dirt to be trapped in the fibers, making it easier to keep the air clean and everyone breathing easy.

We love all flooring types are Paul Evans Carpet & Flooring, but tile does offer some pretty promising benefits! With so many style options, an extremely long life, and their benefits towards the environment, it is a surprise that you haven’t swap out your flooring for tile already! If you are looking for a new flooring type and want to try something new or something that makes your life a little easier, tile might be just what you need. It is durable, easy to clean, hypoallergenic, and extremely stylish!

At Paul Evans Carpet & Flooring, we can help you find the perfect tile flooring for any room in your home. Start shopping through our collection of ceramic and porcelain tile flooring to find the styles you love! You can also look through our accents and mosaics to find the perfect finish to your home’s design. We will help you find the perfect tile for your home and your dream design. Contact us today to learn more and stop by today to take a peek at our in-stock flooring options!


How To Remove Stains From Carpet

Carpet is a popular choice in homes, especially homes with young kids and pets. Carpet hides dirt easier, camouflages dog hair, and is soft and comfortable, perfect for a full and busy family. Bedrooms and family rooms are often the rooms the you can find carpet, people like feeling comfortable in these rooms and the carpet helps add warmth that other flooring doesn’t have.

There is one major problem with carpet, it gets dirty and is hard to clean if neglected for too long. While vacuuming and the occasional deep carpet cleaning can keep it looking better for longer, these are simple tasks. As much as we love carpet, there are some things that make carpet hard to care for and may make you want to rip it all out and replace it with tile or hardwood.

Stains—these annoying and devastating little (or big) spots can give your beautiful and cozy carpet a completely new look, one that says your house is a mess and you don’t take care of your flooring like you should. But we know that is not true. You may do everything right to take care of your carpet, but stains will still happen. Especially with kids and pets in the home, stains are almost unavoidable.

We understand you hate stains—we do too. But that doesn’t mean you have to avoid carpet altogether or replace all the carpet in your home after one stain appears. All you need to do is learn how to remove stains properly. There are many DIY solutions to removing carpet stains. Knowing how to properly remove stains and what kind of products to use to remove stains can help make living with carpet a lot easier!

At Paul Evans Carpet & Flooring, we can provide your home with new carpet and help you learn how to best care for it! We know that carpet is and always will be one of the most popular flooring options, and knowing how to remove stains and keep your carpet looking clean and new will help make it even more popular!

In this blog, we are going to go over the dos and don’ts of carpet stain removal, as well as the best ways to remove different types of stains. If you love your carpet but are sick of stains ruining the look of your home, read on! We will help you learn the best methods to keeping your carpet clean.

The Method

While you may think you know the proper techniques and method of cleaning and removing stains, you probably don’t. A Better Homes & Gardens article give some tips and displays a video with the dos and don’ts of removing stains!

Don’t wait to clean it up, clean the mess up right when it happens.

Do use an absorbent towel or cloth to soak up any liquids from the spill.

Don’t scrub, this will spread the stain and could make it worse. Instead, blot the stain.

Do use a stain remover while blotting to soak up any leftover liquids in the stain.

Do spray the stain with the stain remover and blot again with a clean cloth until the stain stops bleeding onto the blotting cloth.

Don’t use too much water or liquid cleaners, over wetting the area can ruin the carpet backing. Water and liquid cleaners should be used in moderation.

Do be sure you rinse after using cleaning solutions, not rinsing may end up leaving the stain area sticky and likely to collect dirt, which may result in another stain!

Don’t let the spot air dry, this may result in noticeable rings. Instead, take an absorbent cloth and cover the stain area and put a heavy object on it to help soak up excess moisture. Once the spot is dry, vacuum to clean up any extra residue.

Now that you know the proper stain removal technique, it is time to take a look at different ways to remove certain types of stains. We will cover some of the most common stains and how to remove them from your beloved carpet. For even more stain removing references and methods check out this awesome guide from Spot Removal Guide!

Fruit Juice

Most kids love juice, it is as simple as that. Most kids are also quite clumsy and spill—a lot. If your child is drinking juice on your carpet and somehow knocks over their sippy cup spilling it everywhere, your carpet will likely stain. For this example, we are going to pretend that your kiddos love grape juice more than any other type of juice. This is the red wine of kids drinks, and spilling it on carpet results in an automatic freak out. Grape juice will stain your carpet, leaving a nice purplish red spot smack dab in the middle of your white, lush carpet. So, how do you remove it? We will tell you! The Spot Removal Guide give three methods to removing grape juice.

Method 1

The first uses lemon juice. Pouring some lemon juice right on the stain and using a soft bristle brush to brush it in can help to remove the stain. If the lemon juice doesn’t work, apply some white vinegar to the stain and blot. Once the stain has disappeared, use a foaming carpet cleaning to get rid of any residue.

Method 2

The second method uses club soda. Wet a cloth with club soda and press it on the stain to absorb the grape juice. Continue this until the stain is no longer visible. If the stain is still visible, pour salt onto the stain, this should help remove the stain and can be vacuumed up after the stain is gone!

Method 3

In this method, you have to combine a tablespoon of ammonia and two cups of warm water. Use a sponge to blot solution on the stain until it begins to absorb. Blot the stain with a sponge and cold water to rinse it and then blot it dry with a clean cloth.

Red Wine

Red wine stains can ruin your carpet, but by acting fast and treating the stain right away, you can remove it from your carpet. When you spill your wine, before refilling your glass, start cleaning. Take a dry cloth and blot the stain, absorbing as much wine as possible. This will make it so you have less to clean up. Once you have soaked up as much as possible, pour cold water directly on the stain and blot until no more wine is being removed from the stain. Once this is done, mix together baking soda with water, this should be a one to three ratio, with three parts water. Apply this paste to the stain and vacuum it up once it is dry. The stain should be gone! A different method uses vinegar, but we think the first method is simpler!

Tomato Sauce

Pizza and pasta can become a huge mess quickly if you or your kids ever drop any on the ground. The red tomato sauce can stain your carpet and ruin your delicious dinner. So, how do you remove tomato sauce stains? The Spot Removal Guide gives three methods to removing these stains.

Method 1

Make sure you start cleaning it quickly so the stian doesn’t settle. Soak a cloth or sponge in cold water and blot the stain, working outside in. Next you will want to take a slice of lemon and rub it on the stained area of carpet. Pour water the entire area of the stain and blot with a clean cloth. After the carpet dries, the stain should be gone.

Method 2

This method is a few extra steps, but should also work to remove the stain. Use a spoon or knife to remove any leftover tomato sauce on your carpet, start from the outside and work your way in. After removing any excess, pour club soda on the stain and press with a damp sponge or cloth. Use a paper towel to soak up any remaining liquid and residue. Mix two cups of cold water with one tablespoon of liquid dish detergent and soak a sponge in the solution. Blot the stain with this sponge and then rinse the carpet with cold water and dry.

Method 3

If the other methods are not completely effective, try method three! In this method, you will use a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and three tablespoons of cold water. Pour this mixture onto the stain and give it time to soak in, cover the spot with a cloth for about half an hour. Check the spot every couple of minutes to be sure it isn’t affecting your carpet color. After 30 minutes, rinse with cold water and dry!


The last stain type we are going to cover is likely to be caused by our furry friends. If you dog or cat pees on the carpet, it may not leave the worst stain, but it will definitely be noticeable, especially if your carpet is light colored.

To remove urine stains from the carpet, you start by blotting the stain with a cloth if it is still wet. Use one-quarter of a teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent and mix it with warm water. Laundry detergent or dish soap may bleach the carpet, so do not use these. Blot the spot with a cloth and the solution and then rinse with hot water. Do this until the stain fades and then put two tablespoons of ammonia in a cup of water and rinse the spot with this.

These are some of the most common stain types, but there are many more stains and knowing how to care for each of them can help make sure your carpet stays cleaner and looking better for longer. If your current carpet is covered in stains, start from scratch and replace your carpet with new, beautiful carpet from Paul Evans Carpet & Flooring. Contact us today and get an estimate!

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Tip of the Week: New and Exciting for 2018

We just returned from not one, not two, but three Winter Markets searching for the most beautiful and exciting new flooring introductions to bring home.  We talked to dozens of manufacturers and looked at thousands of new products.  All of our time and research paid off and we were able to bring back to the Permian Basin some incredible new products that you would normally find only in big markets like the Metroplex.
Here are our best finds for 2018:
ANDERSON/TUFTEX – The premium lines of Anderson Hardwoods and Tuftex Carpets have merged into the most style forward collection of outstanding flooring we’ve ever seen.  American made hardwoods with unbelievable texture, mineral streaking, and colors is what Anderson is all about.  Tuftex from California is again setting the trend with awesome patterns and unreal softness.  Paul Evans is the exclusive area dealer for the newly combined Anderson/Tuftex system.
USFLOORS – USFloors continues to lead the way in style by constantly expanding their patented line of waterproof flooring.  USFloors offers all of the beauty of wood flooring with the ease of use and care of vinyl floors.  USFloors debuted dozens of new styles this market and overall their selection of affordable wood and stone look flooring couldn’t be better.
PORCELAIN TILE – We brought home stock of one of show’s best porcelain tile. Big and wide 7″ x 40″ planks in three sharp colors these tiles are rectified (important to get those really thin grout lines that yield a natural look) and through-body color (the color goes all the way through the tile which means they hold up really well against chipping, etc.).  This is a very high quality line-up at an incredible price of only $2.69/SF and we have them in stock today.
We always come home from Market exhausted but we feel the effort is worth it to ensure that Midland/Odessa homeowners have access to the very latest styles and trends in flooring
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Tip of the Week: Creating an Unforgettable Accent Wall

Accent walls in your home provide a visual focal point for your home and can really draw together your home’s design elements.

There are more choices than ever to cost-effectively create these stunning visual treats. Wood flooring, vinyl planks, and tile that looks like old bricks are just a few of the hundreds of options.

Come into Paul Evans and let our skilled staff help you make a statement with a gorgeous accent wall.

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The Best Flooring Types For Dogs

Man’s best friend has always had a special place in the home. Dogs are basically furry children—we play with them, cuddle with them on the couch while watching our favorite shows, and we even make sure to leave the lights on and their toys out when we leave for the day. Dogs have a special place in our hearts, for a good reason. They give us endless love, protect us, and are simply adorable.

But dogs do things that may frustrate us sometimes, like tear apart our shoes, dig holes in the yard, and dirty our recently cleaned home. Training your dog can usually help keep these behaviors at a minimum, but just like kids, dogs get into trouble from time to time. Even with these misbehaviors, we still love dogs and we will still do just about anything for them. This includes changing our flooring.

Some flooring styles do not mix well with dogs. Whether it is because it is easily torn up, scratched, or shows muddy paw prints a little too well, there are flooring choices that can make your life easier and keep your floors looking nicer. There are pros and cons to each flooring type when a dog is involved, and knowing which one is right for your pooch and your home may be difficult, but we can help.

At Paul Evans Carpet & Flooring, we offer many different flooring styles, from carpet to floating plank and everything in between! We can help you find the right flooring type for your home that you and your pup will love. In this blog we will give you the pros and cons of different flooring types for dogs—read on for more information!


While carpet may seem to be the best for dogs because it doesn’t show muddy prints, it hides the hair, and is comfortable for pups, it actually may not be the best option. Your dogs would probably pick carpet for themselves because it is soft, warm, and nicer to lay on than other options. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this flooring type when it comes to dogs.


There are many pros to having carpet for dogs. It is soft for them to lay on, allowing them to sleep anywhere throughout a home. It also doesn’t show hair as much as other flooring types might. Carpet is great for older dogs who have trouble standing, it gives them a grip allowing them to get up on their own.


Honestly, carpet may be the worse flooring type for dogs. Not only does it collect hair and should be vacuumed often (at least if you want your home and air to be clean), but it also sees a great deal of wear and tear. Carpet with loops may get worn out and ruined quicker because dogs nails may snag the carpet. Plus, carpet is terrible to have with a new puppy. They are still being house trained and will often use your carpet as their bathroom, this is hard to clean and may stain, causing your carpet to look old and dingy really quick. Some dogs, especially those with a digging problem, may use your carpet as their indoor grass and tear it apart, meaning you will need to get it replaced. Carpet needs a lot of care when you have pets, and even with proper care, your dogs will cause it to look more worn out. If you want your home to look nice and clean, carpet is not a great flooring choice.


Solid hardwood is beautiful, rich, and adds value to your home. That is, if you can keep it looking nice. Hardwood may not be the best choice for dogs, but there are some pros.


If you invest in the hardest of the hardwood flooring, you will have better luck keeping it intact. Solid hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring are often a good choice because they are designed with a strong and protective layer that helps prevent scratches and staining.


Hardwood is another flooring option that may not be great for dogs. Even the toughest hardwoods may become gouged, scratched, or worn in other ways. Many pet owners forget to consider water when they are picking out flooring. The water bowl and a dog playing in the rain can cause damage to your hardwood floors. If a water bowl spills or your dogs goes for a swim in the pond in your backyard and then heads straight inside to lay on your flooring, you may have a problem. Hardwood can warp when water and moisture is applied to it, keeping a mat under the water bowl can help a bit, but some dogs enjoy carrying their water around before swallowing it, allowing it to drip out all over your flooring. Let’s go back to the potty training pup. If a dog pees on hardwood flooring, the salt crystals can stick around for a while, even after the mess is cleaned up. These crystals can cause stains and odor to reappear.


Tile is another good flooring type that can add a stylish touch to your home. And again, there are pros and cons to this style of flooring.


Tile is hard, durable, and able to handle dog’s roughness. It is scratch resistant, water resistant, and will not become damaged if your dog has an accident. Tile flooring with thicker grout can help add some traction for your dogs to easily maneuver across the floor.


The traction is a big issue when it comes to tile. Some tile is very slick and can cause your dogs to slip across it. Again, tile with thick grout can help fix this problem, it adds more traction for your pooch. This can be bad for your older dogs too, especially if they have trouble standing, the slick surface will become a challenge for them and make it difficult to get to their feet. Tile is also hard for dogs to sleep on, but getting them a plush bed or laying down rugs can help fix this problem.


Laminate has become a popular flooring choice for a few reasons. It allows for you to get the look of hardwood without the high price. It also is often harder than hardwood, making it scratch resistant, but is it good for your pup?


As mentioned above, laminate offers a hard surface, allowing for this flooring type to be more scratch resistant and abel to handle your rowdy dogs. Laminate has a strong clear layer on the surface, making it able to resist scratches. These floors are easy to clean and are very stain resistant.


That thick clear layer on the surface of laminate that we mentioned, it actually can cause problems for your dog. This creates a super slick surface which causes your dog so slip as they walk around the home. This can be a problem for older dogs, and well as younger dogs, causing them to walk differently, which may damage their hips. Rugs can help this however, so don’t cross it off your list yet.


Linoleum is a good choice for flooring and for pup, but just like all of the other flooring type, it has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look!


Linoleum is water resistant, easy to clean, and if also hypoallergenic and antibacterial. This is great for dog owners who also are or live with allergy or asthma sufferers. The soft surface of linoleum is quiet, keeping dog’s nails from clicking along the floor. While there are not as many patterns to choose from for linoleum, the pattern isn’t just on the surface, rather it is constant throughout the layer of flooring, this means that scratches are much more difficult to see and will last a lot longer than other flooring options.


Linoleum may be easy to clean, but it requires a lot of maintenance to keep it looking nice. Linoleum has a tendency to fade and may begin degrading. This makes care and maintenance more important, including waxing and polishing. This flooring type also does not come in a lot of color options, which you may not like.


Vinyl is a great flooring option for dog owners. This may be the best choice when it comes to flooring for dogs, but let’s take a look at the pros and cons, just to make it fair.


First of all, vinyl is a very affordable flooring option and it comes in a ton of different styles and looks. This makes it very appealing to those who want something stylish but that doesn’t break the bank. But when it comes to your dog, vinyl is still a great choice. This flooring type is very durable, it will not scratch, tear, or gouge, making it great for dogs. It is also water resistant, allowing you to worry less about the water bowl or your dog who loves to swim. It is an easy flooring to clean and requires little maintenance. Vinyl, like linoleum, is also low in allergens. It is also soft, allowing your pup to walk around without their nails clicking too loudly against the surface. This flooring type offers enough grip for dogs to confidently run across without slipping and sliding.


There are not many downsides to vinyl, especially when dogs are involved. However, unlike linoleum, vinyl may not have as long of a life. It dulls easily, and due to the fact that the pattern is printed on the surface, scratches may be visible overtime. Don’t go too cheap with vinyl, it will not last a long time and will gouge much more easily.

There are many different flooring choice to decide from, and when your dog is involved, the decision becomes much more difficult. There are benefits and downfalls to each of these flooring types, but some are better at handling dogs than others. Carpet is good for the softness, but the hair collected can become a problem for health, plus it wears easily. The other hard flooring types can be improved by placing rugs, but you have to be aware of what will scratch, what is water resistant, and what will allow your dog to walk around without slipping.

If you still need additional help choosing a floor type for your dog, contact us. Our flooring experts at Paul Evans Carpet and Flooring, can help you find the right flooring option for your and your furry friend. Stop by today to take a peek at our instock flooring options and get started on your dog-friendly floors today!

Tip of the Week: What’s the difference between ceramic and porcelain tile?

When customers are shopping for tile we often get asked to explain the difference between porcelain and ceramic tile. While both types of tile offer a durable surface that will last for a long time there are a few important differences:

Ceramic tiles are created out of a clay body that is then glazed on the top. This top glazing is what makes the ceramic tiles durable and water resistant. However, because ceramic tiles only have a top glazing they are more prone to chipping and wear than are porcelain tiles. Also, because the body of ceramic tiles is often somewhat soft they can absorb some water and therefore ceramic tiles aren’t suitable for outdoors as the absorbed moisture could freeze causing the tile to crack.

Porcelain tiles are composed mostly of sand that is “cooked” under extreme heat and pressure to create the tile body. Some porcelain tiles, like ceramic tiles, receive a top decorative glazing while other “through body” tiles look the same throughout the body of the tile. Porcelain tiles are harder and are less prone to chipping. Also, because the body is very hard and moisture resistant Porcelain tiles can be used out of doors.

Because of the quality differences, ceramic tiles are usually less expensive while Porcelain tiles tend to be a little more expensive. The experts at Paul Evans can help you pick the right tile for your needs and budget – just give a call or drop by one of our showrooms.

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Simple Ways To Redesign Your Living Room

Your home’s design and style depends on many different factors. The lightning can change the entire mood of a room. The color scheme, or lack thereof, can throw off a room’s flow. The furniture, the color of the walls, the placement of the windows, and even the flooring can change the entire look and feel of the different rooms of your home. But altering the style of these rooms can be as simple as changing one of these factors.

If you are sick of the way your home looks, or you have rooms in your home that make your skin crawl, there are simple ways to fix it. There is no need to remodel an entire room, simple fixes can make a major difference and transform your room into something you love.

Paul Evans Carpet & Flooring is a great place to start with your home redesign. We offer carpet, luxury vinyl, laminates and floating plank flooring, hardwood, ceramic and porcelain tile, and accents tiles and mosaics. With so many options to choose from, you will be able to find the flooring that takes your hideous room and transforms it into something worth showing off.

In this blog, we are going to go over some of the many different ways to you can upgrade your home and the style in each room. Read on for great tips!


We are going to start with flooring, because that is our expertise. Now picture your living room. What once was your favorite room of the house, quickly became your least favorite. The dark lighting, the dingy carpet, the ugly wall colors—it used to be a room that you could read in and enjoy some relaxation. But now you avoid the room at all cost. Don’t ditch a room in your house simply because you hate the way it looks. Just change it! Get creative with the design. If you lack knowledge in interior design, let’s start with a great first step, the flooring.

Removing the old and dingy carpet can do wonders. As your carpet ages, it gets dirtier and dirtier, but we don’t notice the grime building up as much as we should. Foot traffic, pets, and a lack of vacuuming can all cause the carpet to get older and become stained. Even with proper care, carpet will begin to look worn out as it ages. This is why it is important to get new flooring from time to time. Whether you stick with carpet or want to try something new, you will want to make sure you replace your old carpet once it starts looking bad.

Depending on the style you are going for, there are different flooring options for you. Hardwood flooring is not only a beautiful addition to your home, but it outlasts many other flooring types. Replacing your carpet with hardwood will add warmth, style, and elegance to your living room. If you are looking for something less pricey than hardwood, our luxury vinyl or floating plank floors may be a great choice for you. These flooring types are no longer the cheap looking floors you are used to, the upgraded styles of these flooring types are better than ever. These flooring types can look very similar to hardwood flooring, with different style and colors to choose from, you are sure to find the look you want without having to buy hardwood. These can add the same beautiful style and warmth to your home and can completely change the look and feel of this room.

If you want to get really bold and different in your living room, swap out your carpet for tile. Ceramic or porcelain tile can be a beautiful addition to your room and can add an elegance that the carpet never could provide. Tile is an unusual flooring option for living rooms, but with additional style changes, you can make it work!


The color of your walls can also have a huge effect on the look and feel of your room. While beiges and tans used to be a popular color for just about every room in your home, they are not as popular as they once were. While these colors can still work well in many different rooms, it is okay to switch up the colors of your walls every once in awhile. If you go for a dark colored hardwood floor, try painting your walls a lighter gray or blue. These colors will add some style to your room but not be overwhelming or too dark. If you choose a light colored tile, paint your try painting your walls a dark blue, olive green, or a darker gray color. This will add nice contrast and balance in the room and add a unique touch to your walls. If your room is too dark and you want to lighten it up, paint your walls a brighter color. A light blue or gray can help to add color while keeping the walls brighter. All white rooms are also becoming popular. Pick a light colored flooring and paint the walls white, now your color comes from the decorations and furniture.

Decor and Furniture

Now that you have the rest of your room setup, all you have to do is pick the furniture and decorations that matches the color scheme you are going for and get creative! It is easy to go overboard with the decorations and colors, but if you keep the furniture and decorations to three colors, you should be able to create a theme that will make the room seem more put together.

If you go with the light colored flooring and white walls, you have endless color options. For an earthy and rustic look, decorate with greens, browns, and reds. This will give your room some color but also keep it more relaxed and not overwhelming. If you decide to go with light colored floors and dark blue walls, complete the look with a light gray or white couch, a black or white coffee table, and white decorations. This is a classic and clean look that will completely transform your living room.

It is simple to change the look of your home, all you need is a little creativity and some inspiration. Pinterest is a great place to find different styles and ideas, so start dreaming up your perfect living room! And check out Paul Evans Carpet & Flooring to find the flooring you want for your newly redesigned living room! Contact us today for a free estimate and start the process today. We can help you love your living room again, all you need to do is make some changes.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Carpet

Choosing a new floor for your home is as simple as finding a flooring material you like, selecting the perfect style, and choosing a color that matches the rest of your decor. Right? We wish. While flooring does not seem to be something that requires a ton of thought or planning, there is more that goes into flooring than you may think.

Choosing the color and style of the flooring material can be as easy as matching it to the look of the room, but the material is what requires more thought. Different flooring materials are better for different things. Some are better in high traffic areas, other are better in rooms with a lot of moisture. When it come to deciding on new flooring, there are many factors that should play into your decision.

When it comes time to select a new flooring for your home, there is only one place to go! Paul Evans Carpet & Flooring offers thousands of great styles and colors, making it easier for you to find the perfect flooring. We have in-stock flooring that is ready to install, meaning you can come in, see more than just a small sample of the flooring you want, and have it installed quicker than you expected. At Paul Evans, you are sure to find the flooring you want at a price you love.

Our flooring experts can help you through the entire process, including making the right decisions when it comes to flooring material options. If you are not sure the type of flooring you need, ask someone on our team, they can help you determine the best type of flooring, style, and color for your home. But to give you a head starts, keep reading this blog! We will go over some factors that can help make your flooring decision easier.

The Room

In a previous blog, we discussed the different flooring options that are best for the various rooms of your home. We will briefly highlight some of these points, but to check out the entire blog, click the link above! The rooms in your home are all used for different purposes, see different amounts of traffic, and are more prone to different wear and tear. This means that these rooms of your home, will benefits from different flooring types.

If the room that is getting the flooring replacement is the kitchen, you have a few options that would work nicely. Kitchens see a lot of traffic and may experience more drops. This means you will want to have a durable flooring in your kitchen, they could dent, scratch, or chip when items are dropped and won’t wear from too much traffic. Great choices for the kitchen include hardwood, tile or stone, and cork. These choices are able to withstand the heavy traffic, are good with moisture and humidity, and durable. If you choose hardwood, which is a popular choice for kitchens, engineered wood is a better choice. It is stable and less susceptible to movement, often caused by humidity and temperature in the kitchen.

Since our previous blog didn’t cover living rooms, we’ll briefly go over this popular room. The flooring type you choose for your living room depends on a few things—the family, the traffic, and the maintenance. Carpet is a great options for living rooms because it is cozy and welcoming. While your living room sees a lot of traffic, most of the time spent in this room is spent sitting on couches. Carpet is also great to have around kids, they enjoy playing on the floor and carpet will allow them to do so in comfort. However, carpet is a lot more maintenance than wood or tile. Pets and children can cause messing that may stain carpet, vacuuming is a necessity that should be done regularly, and carpet tends to hold more dust and allergens, making it a bad choice for people with asthma. Carpet is always a popular choice, but many things should be taken into account before deciding to carpet your whole house.

If your are getting new floor for your bedroom there are many great choices that will work. Carpet is a great bedroom choice, keeping the room warm, quiet, and cozy. But hardwood floors have begun making a splash in the in the bedroom world. Bedrooms floors don’t see a ton of traffic, don’t experience a ton moisture, and don’t need to be extremely durable. This makes basically all flooring styles great for the bedroom. The flooring you choose will have more of a style element than a durability.

For more information, refer back to our previous blog to learn about other rooms and the flooring options for them.


The main factor that plays into the flooring choice is the room it is going in. But there are other things to consider when choosing a flooring type for your home—one of those being durability. Getting new flooring for your home is a hassle and can get pricey, this is a big investments and you want it to last. Making sure you choose a flooring that is durable and will withstand your family and everyday life is important. Choose the durability based on the traffic in the room and the way your family handles your home. Making sure you get durable flooring will help you not have to worry about your flooring for a while.


You can also choose flooring based on the amount of maintenance you are willing to put into it. Carpet will need to be vacuumed often, dog hair and dust will show on some floors more than others and require sweeping, and certain floors look best when mopped with a flooring polish. Choose your flooring type based on how much time you are willing to spend cleaning and making sure your floor stays looking nice.


Areas of Texas are more humid while others are arid. Depending on the climate in the area you are living, your flooring choice may change. Some flooring materials hold up better to moisture and humidity, others not so much. While you won’t notice the effects of the climate on the floors right away, overtime you will start seeing signs. Be sure to talk with one of our flooring experts about flooring types and how they react to different climates.

Choosing your flooring doesn’t have to be hard, but if you want to make sure your flooring lasts a long time and looks good until the very end, make sure to take these things into consideration. If you are still not sure what flooring type to get in your home, let the experts at Paul Evans Carpet & Flooring help. We can help you determine what flooring you should consider based on the room of your home, your family, and lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more and take a look at some of our flooring options.