Flooring Choices For Different Rooms

You may not put a lot of thought into flooring options, until you have to choose them. Your home is, most likely, filled with different styles of flooring from carpet to tile. And while they can easily be swapped out for a different style of flooring, there are certain flooring options that work best for different rooms.

If you are building a home, or replacing your flooring, you will want to make sure you consider a few things before filling your entire home with hardwood floors. We know hardwood floors are your absolute favorite and you want them in as many rooms as possible, but different flooring options may be more beneficial in certain rooms of your home.

At Paul Evans Carpet & Flooring, we offer flooring options that allow you mix and match to create the home of your dreams. With everything from carpet, luxury vinyl, laminates and floating plank floors, hardwood, ceramic and porcelain tile, and accents, you can design your floors to work with your style of home and work with each room.

In this blog we will go over the different rooms of your home and discuss some of the better flooring options for each. Read on to learn more about the best flooring and room combinations.


Starting with the front of the home just feels right. Your entryway is the first thing your guest will see and it is likely to experience a lot of foot traffic. There are a few great options for the entryway, and carpet is not one of them! So, avoid putting carpet right near your entryway, and any other door leading to the outdoors for that matter.

Tile flooring is a great option for entryways. Porcelain and ceramic are some of the better options. These are low maintenance options that can handle water, dirt, and scratches. You can also add unique and beautiful designs when you use tile, which can make your entryway more visually appealing. If you do choose this flooring option for your entryway, be sure to use dark grout, dirt will get trapped and look dirtier if the grout is light.

Luxury vinyl is also a great option. This is a durable options and comes in many different looks and styles. They require less time to install and no grout is needed, meaning you don’t have to worry about grout color or how dirty it may end up looking. This flooring type is also easier to replace than tile, so if you want to change it down the road, this will be the easier option.

Hardwood is another good option. This is a durable floor that can withstand the heavy amount of traffic. They are easy to recoat so they always look nice and new. However, water can become a problem. You can solve this problem by keeping mats by the door or moving wet shoes into the mudroom.


There are many great flooring options when it comes to your kitchen. You want something that is durable and can withstand some water spilling on it from time to time. Different flooring types have different benefits in the kitchen. But when you decide, you may base your decision off of style. But style is a major part of your kitchen as well and something you should keep in mind when choosing flooring.

Hardwood is a popular choice for kitchen floors. Prefinished hardwood can withstand water spills and traffic. This is a durable choice and can keep your kitchen looking beautiful and in style. Hardwood floors are a low-maintenance option. When you choose hardwood floors for you kitchen,engineered wood is the better choice. It is stable and less susceptible to movement that is often caused by temperature and humidity in the kitchen.

Another kitchen floor option is stone or tile. This flooring is great in high traffic areas and ceramic tile can come in many different looks and designs. Porcelain tile offers similar benefits as ceramic but it is more durable. Porcelain may be a better choice for the kitchen because it can handle high traffic areas, as well as resists water. Natural stone is a beautiful addition to a kitchen but requires more maintenance and is generally more expensive.

Cork is becoming a popular flooring option for many reasons. It is durable and can available in many different colors. The water-resistant flooring adds some cushion to your flooring, which makes it a good option for those who cook a lot. Plus, it is eco-friendly.


The flooring you choose for a bedroom truly depends on whose room it is. Most bedroom will have carpet, but there are other options that can completely change the look of the bedroom.

A master bedroom will work with many different flooring options. If want a cozy flooring option that is better at absorbing noise, carpet is the flooring for you. Carpet is a great options for bedrooms because they keep it feeling comfortable and warmer. Stepping out of bed onto carpet help makes carpet a popular option as well. But hardwood flooring is also a great option for bedrooms. They are a warm and elegant feel and can truly bring a room together. Hardwood floor are also good option because you can add a rug to add more style, comfort, or warmth. Other flooring types are also becoming popular, such as concrete, tile, linoleum, and vinyl. There are benefits to each of these, and they can each add different styles to your bedroom.

As for children, carpet is usually a better option. Kids often enjoy playing on the floor, and carpet is a better option for that. You also may have a kid who rolls around a lot in bed or jumps off their bed more than you may like, but you do not want them to fall off and get hurt on wood flooring or tile. Plus, if your kids are noisy, carpet will help absorb some of the noise.

These are only a few of the rooms the require consideration when choosing a flooring option. In a later blog we will go over some of the other rooms and why differ flooring is more beneficial for them. For now, use these tips to get a better idea of how to choose flooring and which rooms work best with your favorite flooring option.

No matter what your flooring needs are, Paul Evans Carpet & Flooring can help. We offer a ton of instock flooring options to choose from! Come in today to find the flooring you love and get it installed in no time. Contact us today with any questions you may have.