Simple Ways To Redesign Your Living Room

Your home’s design and style depends on many different factors. The lightning can change the entire mood of a room. The color scheme, or lack thereof, can throw off a room’s flow. The furniture, the color of the walls, the placement of the windows, and even the flooring can change the entire look and feel of the different rooms of your home. But altering the style of these rooms can be as simple as changing one of these factors.

If you are sick of the way your home looks, or you have rooms in your home that make your skin crawl, there are simple ways to fix it. There is no need to remodel an entire room, simple fixes can make a major difference and transform your room into something you love.

Paul Evans Carpet & Flooring is a great place to start with your home redesign. We offer carpet, luxury vinyl, laminates and floating plank flooring, hardwood, ceramic and porcelain tile, and accents tiles and mosaics. With so many options to choose from, you will be able to find the flooring that takes your hideous room and transforms it into something worth showing off.

In this blog, we are going to go over some of the many different ways to you can upgrade your home and the style in each room. Read on for great tips!


We are going to start with flooring, because that is our expertise. Now picture your living room. What once was your favorite room of the house, quickly became your least favorite. The dark lighting, the dingy carpet, the ugly wall colors—it used to be a room that you could read in and enjoy some relaxation. But now you avoid the room at all cost. Don’t ditch a room in your house simply because you hate the way it looks. Just change it! Get creative with the design. If you lack knowledge in interior design, let’s start with a great first step, the flooring.

Removing the old and dingy carpet can do wonders. As your carpet ages, it gets dirtier and dirtier, but we don’t notice the grime building up as much as we should. Foot traffic, pets, and a lack of vacuuming can all cause the carpet to get older and become stained. Even with proper care, carpet will begin to look worn out as it ages. This is why it is important to get new flooring from time to time. Whether you stick with carpet or want to try something new, you will want to make sure you replace your old carpet once it starts looking bad.

Depending on the style you are going for, there are different flooring options for you. Hardwood flooring is not only a beautiful addition to your home, but it outlasts many other flooring types. Replacing your carpet with hardwood will add warmth, style, and elegance to your living room. If you are looking for something less pricey than hardwood, our luxury vinyl or floating plank floors may be a great choice for you. These flooring types are no longer the cheap looking floors you are used to, the upgraded styles of these flooring types are better than ever. These flooring types can look very similar to hardwood flooring, with different style and colors to choose from, you are sure to find the look you want without having to buy hardwood. These can add the same beautiful style and warmth to your home and can completely change the look and feel of this room.

If you want to get really bold and different in your living room, swap out your carpet for tile. Ceramic or porcelain tile can be a beautiful addition to your room and can add an elegance that the carpet never could provide. Tile is an unusual flooring option for living rooms, but with additional style changes, you can make it work!


The color of your walls can also have a huge effect on the look and feel of your room. While beiges and tans used to be a popular color for just about every room in your home, they are not as popular as they once were. While these colors can still work well in many different rooms, it is okay to switch up the colors of your walls every once in awhile. If you go for a dark colored hardwood floor, try painting your walls a lighter gray or blue. These colors will add some style to your room but not be overwhelming or too dark. If you choose a light colored tile, paint your try painting your walls a dark blue, olive green, or a darker gray color. This will add nice contrast and balance in the room and add a unique touch to your walls. If your room is too dark and you want to lighten it up, paint your walls a brighter color. A light blue or gray can help to add color while keeping the walls brighter. All white rooms are also becoming popular. Pick a light colored flooring and paint the walls white, now your color comes from the decorations and furniture.

Decor and Furniture

Now that you have the rest of your room setup, all you have to do is pick the furniture and decorations that matches the color scheme you are going for and get creative! It is easy to go overboard with the decorations and colors, but if you keep the furniture and decorations to three colors, you should be able to create a theme that will make the room seem more put together.

If you go with the light colored flooring and white walls, you have endless color options. For an earthy and rustic look, decorate with greens, browns, and reds. This will give your room some color but also keep it more relaxed and not overwhelming. If you decide to go with light colored floors and dark blue walls, complete the look with a light gray or white couch, a black or white coffee table, and white decorations. This is a classic and clean look that will completely transform your living room.

It is simple to change the look of your home, all you need is a little creativity and some inspiration. Pinterest is a great place to find different styles and ideas, so start dreaming up your perfect living room! And check out Paul Evans Carpet & Flooring to find the flooring you want for your newly redesigned living room! Contact us today for a free estimate and start the process today. We can help you love your living room again, all you need to do is make some changes.