Tip of the Week: What’s the difference between ceramic and porcelain tile?

When customers are shopping for tile we often get asked to explain the difference between porcelain and ceramic tile. While both types of tile offer a durable surface that will last for a long time there are a few important differences:

Ceramic tiles are created out of a clay body that is then glazed on the top. This top glazing is what makes the ceramic tiles durable and water resistant. However, because ceramic tiles only have a top glazing they are more prone to chipping and wear than are porcelain tiles. Also, because the body of ceramic tiles is often somewhat soft they can absorb some water and therefore ceramic tiles aren’t suitable for outdoors as the absorbed moisture could freeze causing the tile to crack.

Porcelain tiles are composed mostly of sand that is “cooked” under extreme heat and pressure to create the tile body. Some porcelain tiles, like ceramic tiles, receive a top decorative glazing while other “through body” tiles look the same throughout the body of the tile. Porcelain tiles are harder and are less prone to chipping. Also, because the body is very hard and moisture resistant Porcelain tiles can be used out of doors.

Because of the quality differences, ceramic tiles are usually less expensive while Porcelain tiles tend to be a little more expensive. The experts at Paul Evans can help you pick the right tile for your needs and budget – just give a call or drop by one of our showrooms.

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