Ways to Incorporate Mosaic and Accent Tiles into Your Home

There are many ways to add unique style and decorations to your home. While you may be thinking of painting, artwork, and other pieces that can be removed, there is a more permanent form of decorations that can really make the rooms in your home pop.

We are a flooring store, so you may be waiting for us to talk about adding colorful carpet, unique tiles, or some other flooring option to your home to add style, but we have another idea. Even though Paul Evans Carpet & Flooring is a flooring company, we can provide you with beautiful and unique mosaic and accent tiling options to add to your home.

Accent and mosaic tiling can add a unique touch to your home and give your space a pop of color and style. There are many different ways to include accent tiling to your home. If you are looking for ways to add accent or mosaic tiling, read this blog! We will give you unique tips, ways to use these fun tiles, and help you get inspired to start on your next project.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is the first place people think about when they picture mosaic tiling. You can make your bathroom a lot more visually appealing with these tiles. There is more than one way to use accent and mosaic tiles in your bathroom. Let’s take a look at some of these styles!

The Floor

Covering your entire bathroom floor with mosaic tiles is not something you may have ever thought about doing, but you should now consider this style possibility. This is a subtly beautiful way to add mosaic tiles and a splash of color to your bathroom. Imagine a colorful and unique tile like this one laid out on your floor. It will add style, color, and a unique look. This tile paired with white or a lighter colored wall would be simple, yet stunning.

The Shower

Having the walls and floor of your shower covered in mosaic tiles is a more obvious choice. This can give your shower a different look and feel. This can help your shower stand out from the rest of your bathroom and add a stylish touch. Make it simple with neutrally colored tiles or use fun, blue colored tiles to give it more color and make it eye-catching.

The Bathtub

We are not saying to cover your actual bathtub in mosaic tiles, although that would be a stylish choice! We are saying to cover the surrounding areas of your bathtub with mosaic tiles. Adding tiling around your tub, down the side of your tub, and on the walls around your tub can create a unique space that is beautiful and colorful.

The Wall

Create an accent wall in your bathroom using mosaic tiles. The wall behind the sink and counter is a great choice for the accent, but any wall will do. An accent wall made of small, colorful tiles will really pop in a bathroom and make the room more aesthetically pleasing.

The Kitchen

Another common location to include mosaic and accent tiling is the kitchen. We will give you a few ideas on how to incorporate these tile types into your kitchen.

The Walls

Subway tiles are a fun addition to any kitchen. To make your kitchen more unique and stand out, add crown molding around the kitchen and then add subway tiles on the entire wall. The crown molding will give the tiles an endpoint and make the transition easier on the eyes. Make the entire kitchen white and add accent colors throughout.

The Oven

The wall behind the oven is a great place to add mosaic tile or accent tiles of some kind. The oven usually acts as a break in the backsplash around your kitchen, adding an entire wall of tile behind the oven and up to the ceiling, if possible, will add a beautiful style. This tile will highlight your oven and range hood nicely and make it stand out in your kitchen.

The Backsplash

This is an obvious choice when deciding where to put your favorite accent tile, but the right backsplash can make your entire kitchen pop. In many kitchens, you probably notice tan colored, square tiles — nothing fancy or flashy. But by adding something colorful or shaped in unique ways, you can give your kitchen a look that is completely different and beautiful.

More Ideas

While the kitchen and the bathroom and the main areas where you will have mosaic tile, there are other options that will keep your home unique and add a decorative touch. For different and exciting ways to use mosaic tiling, read on!

The Outdoors

If you are someone who loves spending time outside on your patio, grilling with friends, gardening, and just enjoying some fresh air, you probably have an outdoor space that is beautiful and detailed. If you are about to lay new concrete for your patio or extend your patio out more, adding an intricate design with mosaic tiles can give your outdoor sanctuary a beautiful touch. You can even make mosaic tile stepping stones to place throughout your lawn, adding color, art, and style to the outside of your home. You can find an endless list of ideas from Woo Home! Start planning your outdoor mosaic and shop our collection of mosaic tiles now!

The Art

Artwork throughout your home has a touch of your personal style. If you have a creative side and want to add mosaic tiles to your home, creating a piece of framed art with mosaic tiles that you can hang on your wall is a great way to add this beautiful style to your home, stay in touch with your personal style, and show of your own artwork. Why just be like everyone else and hang store bought artwork on the wall? Make your own and make it with mosaic tiles.

The Table

Whether you have a coffee table, side tables, or a kitchen table that could use a little extra flair, mosaic tiles are a unique and beautiful choice. Decorate your table with mosaic tiles for an attention-grabbing piece of furniture. People are so used to plain and boring tables, add something fun to yours by giving it a mosaic touch!

Mosaic and accent tiles are great choices when you want to add a unique touch to your home. Whether you choose to decorate the bathroom, kitchen, exterior, or furniture with these fun and colorful tiles, you will be amazed at home much beauty they can add! Start looking through our mosaic and accent tile choices and stop by the Paul Evans Carpet & Flooring store to see our in-stock options for yourself! Contact us with any questions you may have.