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Floating floors continue to be very popular flooring choices. Wood laminate — the traditional floating floor — is very DIY friendly to install. Also, since this flooring has been around for a number of years, the visuals are very realistic and manufacturers now offer styles with registered and embossed patterns, which match the visual to the texture for unbeatable realism.

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Wood laminate is available in an unbelievable array of styles, from very traditional wood looks to weathered and whitewash looks.

Recently, a variety of other types of floating floor have roared onto the flooring scene. Click lock solid vinyl floors, WPC or waterproof core floors, and click lock real hardwood flooring have dramatically changed the face of floating floors with great new visuals, waterproof designs, and easy installation steps.

One great benefit of floating floors is that they require no glue, nails, or staples to hold everything together. Advanced, yet very simple to use, click lock systems hold the planks together.  This click lock installation allows for fast installation times, as long as your existing subfloor is clean, level, and secure before you start. While all wood laminates do require an underlayment solid vinyl or WPC, floating floors typically require no underlayment.

While wood laminates cannot be used in wet areas as exposure to water will cause them to swell and will permanently damage the flooring, solid vinyl or WPC floors are impervious to water, which makes them a great choice for any area of the home, including bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Floating floors come in many grades, from the Chinese manufactured products sold by many big box stores to high quality products made by well known companies such as Armstrong.  Beware when purchasing big box floating floors, as many of these have been recently investigated for containing dangerous levels of formaldehyde and other dangerous chemicals.

Floating floors combine the warmth and beauty of wood flooring, with the cost savings of an engineered product. The design of these floors has advanced dramatically in the past few years and it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell laminate flooring from hardwood. There are even laminate styles that look like tile or stone, so you can find floating floors in any style you desire.

Floating floors are the perfect choice for those rooms in your home that get a lot of traffic, like entryways and family rooms.

Floating floor surfaces make it easy to maintain a great looking floor. Their tough exteriors resist stains and moisture, providing years of unbeatable protection against scuffs and scratches.

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