Factors To Consider When Choosing Carpet

Choosing a new floor for your home is as simple as finding a flooring material you like, selecting the perfect style, and choosing a color that matches the rest of your decor. Right? We wish. While flooring does not seem to be something that requires a ton of thought or planning, there is more that goes into flooring than you may think.

Choosing the color and style of the flooring material can be as easy as matching it to the look of the room, but the material is what requires more thought. Different flooring materials are better for different things. Some are better in high traffic areas, other are better in rooms with a lot of moisture. When it come to deciding on new flooring, there are many factors that should play into your decision.

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Our flooring experts can help you through the entire process, including making the right decisions when it comes to flooring material options. If you are not sure the type of flooring you need, ask someone on our team, they can help you determine the best type of flooring, style, and color for your home. But to give you a head starts, keep reading this blog! We will go over some factors that can help make your flooring decision easier.

The Room

In a previous blog, we discussed the different flooring options that are best for the various rooms of your home. We will briefly highlight some of these points, but to check out the entire blog, click the link above! The rooms in your home are all used for different purposes, see different amounts of traffic, and are more prone to different wear and tear. This means that these rooms of your home, will benefits from different flooring types.

If the room that is getting the flooring replacement is the kitchen, you have a few options that would work nicely. Kitchens see a lot of traffic and may experience more drops. This means you will want to have a durable flooring in your kitchen, they could dent, scratch, or chip when items are dropped and won’t wear from too much traffic. Great choices for the kitchen include hardwood, tile or stone, and cork. These choices are able to withstand the heavy traffic, are good with moisture and humidity, and durable. If you choose hardwood, which is a popular choice for kitchens, engineered wood is a better choice. It is stable and less susceptible to movement, often caused by humidity and temperature in the kitchen.

Since our previous blog didn’t cover living rooms, we’ll briefly go over this popular room. The flooring type you choose for your living room depends on a few things—the family, the traffic, and the maintenance. Carpet is a great options for living rooms because it is cozy and welcoming. While your living room sees a lot of traffic, most of the time spent in this room is spent sitting on couches. Carpet is also great to have around kids, they enjoy playing on the floor and carpet will allow them to do so in comfort. However, carpet is a lot more maintenance than wood or tile. Pets and children can cause messing that may stain carpet, vacuuming is a necessity that should be done regularly, and carpet tends to hold more dust and allergens, making it a bad choice for people with asthma. Carpet is always a popular choice, but many things should be taken into account before deciding to carpet your whole house.

If your are getting new floor for your bedroom there are many great choices that will work. Carpet is a great bedroom choice, keeping the room warm, quiet, and cozy. But hardwood floors have begun making a splash in the in the bedroom world. Bedrooms floors don’t see a ton of traffic, don’t experience a ton moisture, and don’t need to be extremely durable. This makes basically all flooring styles great for the bedroom. The flooring you choose will have more of a style element than a durability.

For more information, refer back to our previous blog to learn about other rooms and the flooring options for them.


The main factor that plays into the flooring choice is the room it is going in. But there are other things to consider when choosing a flooring type for your home—one of those being durability. Getting new flooring for your home is a hassle and can get pricey, this is a big investments and you want it to last. Making sure you choose a flooring that is durable and will withstand your family and everyday life is important. Choose the durability based on the traffic in the room and the way your family handles your home. Making sure you get durable flooring will help you not have to worry about your flooring for a while.


You can also choose flooring based on the amount of maintenance you are willing to put into it. Carpet will need to be vacuumed often, dog hair and dust will show on some floors more than others and require sweeping, and certain floors look best when mopped with a flooring polish. Choose your flooring type based on how much time you are willing to spend cleaning and making sure your floor stays looking nice.


Areas of Texas are more humid while others are arid. Depending on the climate in the area you are living, your flooring choice may change. Some flooring materials hold up better to moisture and humidity, others not so much. While you won’t notice the effects of the climate on the floors right away, overtime you will start seeing signs. Be sure to talk with one of our flooring experts about flooring types and how they react to different climates.

Choosing your flooring doesn’t have to be hard, but if you want to make sure your flooring lasts a long time and looks good until the very end, make sure to take these things into consideration. If you are still not sure what flooring type to get in your home, let the experts at Paul Evans Carpet & Flooring help. We can help you determine what flooring you should consider based on the room of your home, your family, and lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more and take a look at some of our flooring options.